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Brow Lift

A minimally invasive procedure, endoscopic brow lift is especially popular with younger patients who aren't ready for a full face lift. It is designed to rid the forehead of creases, loose skin, and wrinkles. It can also eliminate the problem of a heavy or furrowed brow.

During your brow lift, Dr. Kisner will make a small incision on the scalp. He will then use a tool to carefully lift and reposition the surrounding tissue, skin, muscles and, in some cases, the eyebrows. After the procedure is complete, we will stitch the incision closed and leave it to heal. The end result is a younger, refreshed appearance. Recovery time is minimal for this procedure. Often, brow lift is performed in conjunction with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures for maximum effect, including face lift and blepharoplasty. To learn more about endoscopic brow lift, please contact our practice in Huntington, New York or our Manhattan office.

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