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Smart Liposuction

Feeling good is closely linked to looking good. Even with proper diet and exercise, it can be particularly frustrating to eliminate fat from problem areas—the hips, thighs, chin, arms, abdomen; loves handle area, ankles, buttocks, or back. Liposuction, a safe and effective procedure, helps you get the toned, taut body of your dreams.

Liposuction is certainly not a weight control method or a fix for obesity. It is used to help contour your body in those areas that are not responsive to diet and exercise such as saddlebags or fullness in the stomach. It is most often used to reduce fullness in your:

• Abdomen
• Arms
• Buttocks
• Cheeks
• Hips
• Knees
• Neck
• Thighs
• Upper arms
• Waist
• Male Breast (Gynecomastia)

Side effects of Smart liposuction include general discomfort, swelling, and bruising, but most will disappear within a month to six weeks.

The Facts:

Small Cannula
The SmartLipo laser completely destroys fat cells, liquefying them allowing a small cannula to remove the liquefied fat cells.

Tightens Skin
Due to the heat generated by the laser beam, SmarLipo stimulates the collagen in the skin to contract which tightens skin after the procedure.

Less Bruising
SmartLipo targets only the fat cells, leaving blood vessels alone. This results in fewer broken blood vessels and very little bleeding during the procedure.  SmartLipo uses more of a "melt and drain fat" strategy that does not damage the surrounding tissue and blood vessels which results in less bruising.